What to Expect

All initial treatments at Inner Gate Acupuncture are 90 minutes long. 

This gives us enough time to do a thorough health history, listen to your health concerns, create an effective treatment plan and provide an acupuncture treatment. Treatment will also include Tuina massage, Guasha, cupping and/or Chinese herbal medicine if your particular complaint requires it. Follow up treatments are 60 minutes; 15 minutes to review improvements and changes from the previous treatment and 45 minutes for acupuncture and other modalities. 

We ask that patients come to the clinic 15 minutes before their initial treatment so that they have time to fill out all the necessary paper work and decompress with a cup of tea. 

We always do our best to verify insurance benefits before your initial appointment so that you know what your financial responsibilities are and there are no unexpected fees.

We ask that you wear or bring loose fitting clothing, shorts and/or camisoles, as these make evaluation, stretching, and treatment easier.  We always have gowns and towels available as well.