Kayla Harrop, L.Ac.

Kayla grew up on northern coast of California where the ocean and redwoods collide. Having grown up amongst the redwood forests, Kayla developed a deep appreciation of plants. It is through this lens she found her passion in herbalism and traditional Chinese Medicine. From a young age she knew she wanted to pursue natural and complementary medicine. During her education she focused strongly on anatomy, Western herbalism, and bodywork.

She graduated from Rouge Community College of massage therapy program, completed her undergraduate degree and moved quickly to pursue her Master’s at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. 

As a graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, she often incorporates herbal medicine, diet, and lifestyle changes into her treatments to help her patients heal from the inside out. She uses acupuncture and other bodywork therapies to help them heal from the outside in.

Kayla specializes in musculoskeletal pain. She has clinical experience working as an adjunct for cancer therapy. She also has a strong interest in and enjoys working on neurological and psychological mood-disorder conditions, as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Kayla is always planning her next trip out of the country. She enjoys adventuring in new places and loves learning about the traditional healing practices of the local people. When she isn’t adventuring abroad she can be found working out in the gym, with her two dogs, or finding a new dessert spot in Portland.