Elizabeth Bourgeois, L.Ac.

Elizabeth Bourgeois L.Ac. is a native of Oregon who graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Accounting. Elizabeth originally discovered the power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine 10 years ago when she sought help for hormonal imbalance and fatigue.

Feeling impressed with how her life had changed thanks to Eastern medicine, Elizabeth felt inspired to pursue a career as an acupuncturist in order to show others how it could help them as well. She attended the National University of Natural Medicine and received a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). 

During graduate school, Elizabeth spent 2 years in a traditional style Chinese medicine & martial arts apprenticeship studying movement arts and clinical practices. This included acupuncture and cupping, as well as Tuina Chinese bodywork and more gentle forms of manual therapy. These practices became the foundation of her approach to Chinese medicine. 

Chinese medicine has a deep and historical connection with the world of martial arts.  Acupuncture techniques and herbal formulas were developed and used regularly to treat the musculoskeletal injuries related to martial arts training. As an active female herself, Elizabeth enjoys treating musculoskeletal pain, and athletic performance and anxiety. She also treats women’s health concerns, fertility and digestive health concerns.  

Elizabeth loves all the adventures available living in the PNW. She backpacks, hikes, commutes via bike, and additionally loves HIIT and kettlebell workouts.