Car Accident Chiropractor

Your Insurance pays for the treatments.  

No out of pocket expense to the patient, no referral needed. $15,000 of benefits provided to get you back to 100%.

Eight Things the Inner Gate Chiropractor Does for You After a Car Accident:  

  • Reduce your pain and muscle spasms

  • Speed up your recover & prevent re-injury

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Re-establish stability and strength in damaged joints and tendons

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Manage your insurance billing

  • Provide a strong referral network for you

  • Offer Saturday and evening appointments

Symptoms from car accidents can begin immediatly after the accident or can surface days or weeks later.  Many symptoms commonly noticed by our chiropractor after a car accident include:

     • Whiplash
     • Neck / Shoulder pain and stiffness
     • Headaches
     • Dizziness
     • Difficulty focusing
     • Low back pain
     • Sleeplessness
     • Irritability

If you need relief from a car accident, the Inner Gate Chiropactor Can help.

Please call us at 971-279-2294 and be on your way to a renewed you.