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Bob Perna LMT joins Inner Gate Acupuncture

Bob Perna LMT

Bob Perna LMT

A lifelong athlete, and a coach for the past decade, Bob has a passion for fitness, movement, and educating his clients. He has a certification in personal training and uses this to provide holistic treatment plans for clients seeking to improve mobility and create sustainable movement

Bob’s primary focus is therapeutic massage. He combines deep tissue, myofascial and sports massage techniques to help alleviate pain and restore joint mobility. His style is methodical and intentional; he loves to help clients discover the roots of their pain and movement dysfunctions, and provide them with comprehensive self-care plans to create lasting benefits.

Outside of massage and personal training, Bob has a deep passion for the sport of lacrosse, having played and coached players of all ages for the past ten years. He is a US Lacrosse certified coach and coaches’ trainer, and teaches clinics locally and nationally. When not in the massage studio or on the lacrosse field, he enjoys reading books on the body and spirituality while cuddled up with his pug, Dutch.

Massage therapy is a hands-on therapy that promotes health and well-being through the use of pressure and movement on the body and muscles.

He is available on Tuesdays and Fridays at our NE Halsey clinic.

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