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Back to School Immune Support

Back to school immune system support

Back to school means it time to boost everyone's immune system. As cooler weather encroaches we are all forced to spend more time indoors with other people, often with closed windows and poorly circulated air.  These are conditions that expose us to more bacteria and viruses than any of us would like. 

Here are a few practical ways for us to prevent those bacteria and viruses from getting us sick.  These methods are simple but they may prove more difficult to practice than you think. 

  • Washing hands regularly: Just using a simple soap to clean the hands a few times per day can greatly diminish our exposure to viruses and bacteria.

  • Keep your fingers and hands off your face and mouth: It is estimated that people touch their faces hundreds of times per day! Much of this touching is habitual and unconscious. If we focus carefully we can break this habit and reduce our exposure to the bugs that make us ill.

  • Click Here for a link to a video that shows the most effective way to wash hands with soap and water.

Chinese medicine has several powerful approaches to maintaining a healthy immune system. These time tested ideas can add potent weapons to your germ busting arsenal.

  • Yin Qiao San: This ancient formula has many modern day equivalents. It serves as the base for Wellness formula and the popular product Airborne. Taken in it's raw herbal form or as an alcohol tincture it reaches it's most potent concentration. This formula is good for early onset colds when your throat is raw and your body is achey. Once phlegm is present as nasal congestion or post nasal drip the cold has penetrated too deeply and yin qiao san is no longer the best formula.

  • Cupping: Yes that popular therapy that Michael Phelps exposed to the world for it ability to relieve muscle pain and tension is also used to strengthen the immune system and defend against colds and flus.

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture has specific points that are used to increase white blood cell count, open the lungs, and calm the nervous system, all components of a healthy immune system.

If you do get sick, don't give up hope. There are many acupuncture techniques and Chinese herbal formulas designed to counteract colds and flus and shorten the duration and intensity of these illnesses.  Call us and we will be happy to get you in and on the road to recovery.  



Our Immune systems are constantly working to keep our bodies healthy. When they function normally the body's response to disease is strong and quick. Healthy B-cells and T-cells are called in to destroy bacteria and viruses leaving us disease free. Weakened immune systems, on the other hand, are unable to properly defend us from disease. 

The immune system needs constant nourishment to thrive. Factors such as inadequate rest, improper diet and too much stress can diminish the immune system's ability to defend our bodies, leaving us susceptible to diseases. 

Our immune system is constantly challenged by many new substances in the modern world. Car exhaust, pesticides, and manufacturing waste all contribute to an over-stimulation of the immune system resulting in diseases such as asthma, and possibly contributing to diseases including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. 

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine use a unique diagnostic system, which allows us to detect subtle imbalances and deficiencies in the patient's body. Using herbs, acupuncture and tuina massage we can correct those imbalances and deficiencies, establish balance and fill the body with vitality. This in turn supports a stronger immune system that is capable of focusing on and eradicating diseases quickly and effectively.  

Acupuncture's relaxing effects make it an ideal way to rejuvenate the immune system. Specific acupuncture points have been shown to increase the production of red blood cells and to activate white blood cells, which destroy viruses and bacteria. 

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for centuries to increase immunity and vitality. Combinations of herbs are specifically designed to meet every patient's individual needs. Herbal medicine provides a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medication, costs substantially less and has little to no side effects.