Chinese new year

Year of the Earth Dog

Chinese New Year 2018

Year of the Earth Dog

February 16th, 2018 marks the first day the the Chinese new year. The year will shift from the fiery and aggressive rooster to the driven and intelligent dog.  In light of all the intense media focus on political craziness of the past year this shift from fire to earth and rooster to dog could be a deeply refreshing change. 

Every two years the element dominating the year shifts.  This year we will see a switch from the element of fire to the element of earth.  While fire is expansive, transformative and destructive, earth is grounding, nourishing and supportive.  This year we begin to harvest the fruits of our labor from the past few years. 

The dog is loyal and honest.  We are hopeful that 2018 will shift significantly in the direction of honesty and integrity. This is a good time to strengthen our bonds and relationships with friends and family.  Our loyalty to our deeper truths will be important to respect and nourish.  However, the dog is know to be a poor communicator struggling to express itself effectively.  As we continue to grow as conscious beings this year, it is good to remember to listen and speak more clearly.

The Metal Element & Autumn

The metal element and Autumn

In autumn many plants die back to the earth sending their energy into their roots.  In traditional Chinese thought, autumn is associated with the metal element, the color white and the lung organ. 

The process of turning inward and returning to our roots is important after the bursting energy of spring and the fiery energy of summer.  Autumn, represented by the metal element, offers us a chance to reflect on the things that are important to us.  Like looking into a mirror, we reflect on what is beneficial and worth our time and what should be disregarded. 

The metal element is involved in discernment and the clear understanding of true value.  For most of recent history humans have used metal coins to represent money.  Looking deeper into the meaning of value we can discern which pursuits bring us happiness and which leave us unfulfilled. 

As our energy shifts away from the outward pursuits of summer it is a time to take stock of what we have accomplished and send our extra energy back to our roots where it can nourish us through the approaching winter.  

What things are most valuable in your life?  How can you shift your priorities to spend more time honoring your deeper values? Answering these questions can help us take advantage of the unique vantage point of autumn and set us up for a rewarding 2017.  


Happy New Year

year of the sheep

Thursday the 19th of February marks the beginning of the year of the sheep in Chinese cosmology.  The Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animal signs.  Every year is thought to take on some of the qualities of the animal that dominate that year. The Chinese character for sheep encompasses both the sheep and the goat, this year is often referred to as the year of the goat as well.  

The sheep is thought to be the most yin of all the zodiac signs.  Yin correlate to the more feminine, passive, introspective sides of our natures.  Yang is the more active and masculine side of us.  The yin nature of the sheep provides us the opportunity to be more introspective.  

If you have ever wanted to explore making art or design a more regular part of you life this next year is a great time to do so.  Supposedly the sheep is a great artist, good with color and composition.   

Sheep tend to avoid conflict and remove themselves from uncomfortable situations.  Hopefully the sheep nature will move us out of many of the conflicts which have lingered in our lives and our world over the past decade.  Take advantage of the sheep nature by resolving the old conflicts in your own live that have endured for too long.  

Sheep are wanderers.  They travel leisurely over the meadows and valleys in search of fresh grass and lovely views.  Take time over the next year to plan trips that will bring you peace and provide you with great vistas.