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Year of the Pig

Boar pig as symbol for year 2019

The year of the Earth Dog has past and we’ve begun the year of the Earth Pig.  The Pig is the last animal of the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle.  Legend holds that the Yellow emperor held a race for all animals to determine their position in the yearly line up.  The Pig was the last to cross the finish line.

On February 5th we officially began the “Year of the Pig.” Being the last animal in the zodiac is like being the party at the end of the December. The pig year should be an opportunity to switch from the territorial nature of the dog to the generous perspective of the pig.  

The Pig brings new opportunities and perspectives. 

In ancient China the pig was thought of as a symbol of nourishment, generosity and abundance. If you had many pigs you could feed your children and provide for your neighbors and protect your future. They are a lazy animal that does no farm work like the ox or horse. The pig's focus is on enjoyment of life. 

Focusing on joy, art, music, food and pleasure will be a pleasant shift for many of us who have been consumed by current events, news and politics.

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Acupuncture treatment is a great way to honor yourself and initiate the change to a move balanced and forward looking you. Embrace the ideas of joy and pleasure. All of us at Inner Gate Acupuncture would love to help!

Casey McGuire Promoted to Clinic Director at Inner Gate Halsey!


Casey Mcguire Promoted!

Inner Gate is excited to announce the promotion of Casey McGuire to Clinic Director of our new location at 6230 NE Halsey. Along with his promotion, he will be moving full-time to the Halsey clinic in Portland and seeing patients Monday through Friday starting November 1st.

Casey has been a vital member of the Inner Gate team for over 10 years and has been dedicated to his patients while supporting the growth of the Ankeny clinic. He is committed to helping people live pain free lives using acupuncture, tuina massage, and herbal medicine to achieve results. His practice includes everyone from athletes to office workers. 
You can schedule with Casey or any of our wonderful practitioners by calling the Halsey clinic today at 971-279-2294.

Organic Foods VS. Conventional Foods

organic vs. non organic meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables

For many years consumers have demanded and paid a premium for organic foods. Many believed that the food was somehow healthier than food produced with fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.  Others paid for the premium because it meant fewer pesticides and herbicides on their food and in the environment.

The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union has performed a major review analyzing differences in organic vs. non organic meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

The commission found that organic meats and cheeses had 50% higher omega-3 fatty acid content that conventional meats and cheeses!

Omega-3 fatty acids are associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and inflammation in the body.  These oils are found in predominance in cold water fish like anchovies and sardines. The health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are firmly established.

Although there is no direct research on it yet, it stands to reason that a diet with organic meats and cheeses vs. conventional meats and cheeses would be healthier based solely on the omega-3 content of the foods. 

A review of fruits and vegetables found that organic fruits and vegetables had higher levels of antioxidants than their conventionally produced counterparts. Antioxidants are molecules which inhibit damaging free radicals in our bodies. Also noted was less pesticide residue on the organic produce.


2 Surgeries to Avoid

Complex spinal fusion for stenosis and hysterectomy for uterine fibroids are both surgeries that may be best avoided.  There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. According to the AARP. Theses two surgeries are over performed, often deemed as unneccesary  and are money makes for hospitals and doctors.

Complex spinal fusion is a surgery to manage back pain.  The surgery involves binding two or more vertebrae together with a bone graft.  It may also include a plate and screws into the spine.  Major complications of the surgery were experience by 5% of the patients.

Alternatives: Before considering a complex spinal fusion.  Make sure that all other options have been exhausted.  These other options include acupuncture, physical therapy, cortisone injections, or less complicated surgeries like a decompression.


two surgeries to avoid

Hysterectomy for uterine fibroids is a surgery that involves the removal of the uterus and often the fallopian tubes and ovaries.  There are many less costly procedures that can be performed that can reduce or completely eliminate uterine fibroids.  Of course, if cancer is present the hysterectomy is probably the best option.  Your doctor will determine this.  

Alternatives: The less costly and safer alternatives to this procedure include Chinese herbs, acupuncture, embolization procedure and possible focused ultrasound.  Chinese herbs and acupuncture are extremely effective when smaller fibroids, smaller than 4cm are present.  Embolization is a safer procedure that cuts off blood flow to the fibroids and shrink them.

Don't Ice Sports Injuries?

In 1978 Doctor Gabe Mirkin coined the term RICE.  The term stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.  Since 1978 RICE has become the standard for treatment of athletic injuries.  Now new research is melting the ice and questioning whether ice should be used at all for athletic injuries.

Ice helps control inflammation, reduce pain and swelling.  It was thought that this would help speed recovery form injuries.  New research is suggesting that the inflammatory response is an important part of recovery after injury.

Inflammation is an complex immune response.  During the inflammatory process blood flow to the damaged tissue is increased. Cells that are important to recovery are sent to the damaged tissue.  Macrophages help clean out broken cells, scour any invading bacteria and release hormones that stimulate the regrowth of tissues.

The application of ice to the tissue reduces blood flow by constricting blood vessels.  The blood vessels remain closed for hours after the application of ice.  This decrease in blood flow slows the healing process and can cause permanent nerve damage.

A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined the influence of icing on muscle damage. The study showed that icing delays recovery time. After icing there was an immediate increase in swelling without out the same benefits of the inflammatory process.

Another research article published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine in June, 2013, said that icing did relieved swelling but that it did not make recovery from muscle damage quicker. The research suggested that any treatment that reduces inflammation will delay healing. This includes standard anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and steroids.



What should you do after an injury?

The new acronym is MCE.  Move safely, compression and elevation.  The goal is to increase blood flow, maintain range of motion and allow the fluids to move from the damaged tissue.

Proactive treatments that encourage the immune response are beneficial.  Chinese herbs can help increase blood flow and promote circulation.  Moxibustion encourages a strong immune response that will speed the recovery of the damaged tissue.  Acupuncture can relieve stress in the damaged tendons, and muscles.  Furthermore, acupuncture encourages both a strong immune response and blood circulation making it a great therapy post injury.

Nancy Petrie’s Photography Now At Inner Gate Acupuncture

Nancy Petrie

As a photographer, Nancy tells stories through her images, preserving both the dramatic and the ethereal details. Her lens takes you too far away places like Burkina Faso and Nicaragua, while reminding you that sometimes the greatest story lives on a dead end road off the Oregon coast.  She is inspired by the raw beauty of the world, seeking both the under-appreciated and the striking elements of place and culture.  Nancy’s presence–her ability to see the world and her experiences as they are–allows her to capture the heart of each moment in her photographs.