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Why Use Mediclear?

In the last 100 years our environment has become more polluted. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of toxic chemicals have been introduced into our environment. No matter how careful we are or where we live, we all have some level of exposure. Add to this the use of alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs and you can see that this has created a challenging task for our bodies to get rid of these substances.

What Is Mediclear?

MediClear is a rice and pea protein powder with many vitamins, minerals, and specialized nutrients that support the liver and aid in the detoxification process. 

MediClear contains a high concentration of protein and amino acids to aid in tissue repair and regeneration. These proteins also assist in detoxification and elimination of harmful substances in the body. Green tea extract provides potent antioxidant and liver-protecting activity, and MSM helps detoxification and joint function.


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A Mediclear cleanse is easy.  It consists of taking the Mediclear powder while doing a three-week allergy-free diet.  We have a booklet explaining the diet that also contains recipe ideas for the three weeks.