Arsenic Detoxification

arsenic detoxification

There have been a lot of questions about how to remove heavy metals from the body. After reading through different sources on the subject this post is designed to give several ideas for diet and supplements that will help specifically with the detoxification of arsenic.  Different heavy metals are bound by different substances making them easy for the body to excrete. 

For any detoxification is important to eat a diet rich in organically produced foods including meats, vegetable, and fruits.  This is an essential component of any detoxification program because it limits the numbers of new toxins coming into the body.  Arsenic specifically is used in a number of herbicides and pesticides. 

Foods to eat to support arsenic detoxification:

  • Lemon: Drinking lemon water throughout the day will increase the alkalinity of the body and help the body detox heavy metals by unbinding minerals. 

  • Dark Leafy Greens: Spinach, kale and collard type plants supply the body with organic and easily absorbed minerals essential to detoxification. 

  • Garlic, Onions and Eggs: These plants are high in sulfur containing compounds that have donor methyl groups.  Methyl groups bind to arsenic and help remove it from the body.

  • High Fiber Foods: Apples, lentils, pears and raw nuts are all high in fiber.  A high fiber diet helps keep the bowels unblocked and binds toxins in the colon. 

  • B Vitamins: A balanced B vitamin supplement will supply all of the B vitamins essential to methylation of arsenic. 

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C can actually act as a chelating agent and help remove arsenic directly for the blood stream. 

There are no magic bullets but by eating a healthy diet and limiting exposure to arsenic compounds we can do our best to eliminate as much harmful arsenic as possible.