The stated goal of The Movember Foundation is “To change the face of men’s health.” In order to achieve this goal the foundation hosts a variety of events and fundraisers. The most popular and well know event is the movember mustache growing. 
During the month of November men are encouraged to manage small fundraising campaigns while growing a mustache throughout the month.  The event has grown greatly since it began in Australia in 1999. 
With the addition of high profile athletes and celebrities the event has generated over 175 million dollars worldwide for men's health issues.  Even Snoop Dogg released a limited edition Movember t-shirt and donated 20% of the proceeds to the Movember foundation. 
Prostate health and cancer prevention have been a main focus of the Movember Foundation since it began.  Because many aging men face issues regarding prostate health it is important to encourage these men to seek help when they first begin to experience symptoms. These symptoms include burning or painful urination, difficulty starting or stopping urination, frequent urination, blood in the urine, or loss of bladder control.  

Other major issues that the foundation is focused on include mental health, testicular cancer, suicide and major depression.  

If you happen to notice a bit more facial hair around the clinic this November please know that we are trying to change the face of men's health.  
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The Movember Foundation