4 Things to do after a Car Accident

1.  Record All The Details Of The Car Accident:

Things to do after a Car Accident

Make sure to gather all the names, phone numbers and license numbers of the people involved.
You should also get insurance information from the other driver or drivers.  This includes passengers of all vehicles.
DON’T let witnesses leave without getting their contact info.  Witness are important if there is a disagreement over the cause of the accident.
Take pictures.

2.  Contact Your Insurance Agent:

It is important that your insurance agent knows what is going on so that they can provide you advice.
Some insurance policies require you to notify your company within a certain amount of time

3.   Open A Medical Claim:

All Oregon drivers carry a minimum of $15,000 of personal injury protection (PIP)
Many auto injury pains begin days or even weeks after the accident.  An open claim will insure that you can get treatment if and when symptoms begin
You can see any health practitioner you want with this PIP coverage, including acupuncturists.

4.     Keep Good Records:

As you talk to the police, the insurance company, lawyers, etc., make sure you keep careful notes
If there are any complications later these records will help support your case
Save all the receipts that result from your accident. That includes towing costs, storage charges, etc. as these bills will be important when you settle your claim.