Benefits of fermented foods

Fermenting is an ancient technique of food preservation. It also enhances the nutrition available in some of its nutrients and makes the food more digestible and easily absorbed.


In fact, lactic acid fermentation converts carbohydrate sugars into cellular energy and lactate. The final products of the fermentation are full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes. These aid digestion and limit the amount of sugar in the final product. This makes it really good for the “good” bacteria in our guts.


Health benefits of fermented foods include:

·      Increases absorption of vitamins. This includes both vitamin A and C.

·      Aids detoxification of the body. Natural chelates are formed during fermentation. These chelated bind to toxins making them easy for the body to eliminate.

·      Reduces the sugar content of our foods. Because fermentation breaks down simple sugars there are not present I the final products.

·      Supports immune function: Because our guts are so full of immune cells many believe this is one of the main areas where the immune system fights disease.